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Making Our Voices Effective, Inc. (MOVE) is a 501c-3 Not-for-Profit organization based and registered in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Move was established in 2006 by business leaders of South Asian origin based in North America to develop and implement educational and healthcare programs in Pakistan. These programs are implemented through MOVE (Pakistan) Foundation, an affiliate of MOVE.

The Challenge: Cycle of Poverty

The condition of a typical family in the under-privileged community of Nusrat Bhutto Colony can be summarized as follows. Lack of good education and economically-relevant, marketable skills leads to lack of stable employment opportunities. The resulting lack of financial resources and reserves leads to borrowing from neighborhood usurpers, especially in case of medical or other emergencies. The excessive monthly interest rate charged by the money lenders necessitates all able family members to seek employment or reduce family expenses. Children drop out of school between the ages of 8 and 10. Another generation, which lacks good education and/or marketable skills, is created.

Our Mission

MOVE’s long-term mission is to break the cycle of poverty, one family and one neighborhood at a time, by providing economically-relevant, skills-oriented educational services and high-quality healthcare services in under-privileged communities at affordable prices.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about us, our mission, and the various activities that we undertake on behalf of our supporters and sponsors.

On behalf of all those who benefit from the efforts and activities of MOVE, we thank you for your sponsorship.

Our Programs

To achieve its long-term mission, MOVE currently implements the following programs in the under-privileged community of Nusrat Bhutto Colony in North Nazimabad:

Education: Fostering an Open Mind

Under the leadership of Ms Shamim Bilgrami, MOVE runs the Maan Jee Welfare Lower Secondary School, which caters to over 500 students, with a large proportion of female enrollment. This school follows a philosophy of encouraging and fostering an open mind, teaching respect and tolerance for diversity, and developing social and citizenship skills.

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Healthcare: Providing Affordable Services

The MOVE Diabetic and Medical Center (MOVE DMC), established in partnership with Anjuman-e-Ahbab Society, provides good-quality healthcare services at affordable prices to low-income families. Our focus is to encourage a culture of preventive healthcare and early diagnosis and treatment.

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