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Our Mission & Philosophy

MOVE’s long-term mission is to break the cycle of poverty caused by lack of good education, marketable employment skills, and affordable healthcare services.

We endeavor to achieve this mission, one family and one neighborhood at a time, by providing economically-relevant, skills-oriented educational services and high-quality healthcare services in under-privileged communities at affordable prices.

We intend to achieve our long-term objectives in the following manner:

 •  Short-Term: To provide quality education and healthcare services to under-privileged communities at affordable prices.
 •  Medium-Term: To reduce unemployment through technical and vocational skills training programs for low-income families.
 •  Long-Term: To contribute toward economic development by expanding the middle class and creating new products, markets, and employment opportunities.

MOVE’s approach toward implementing its social welfare programs is:

 1.  To identify committed and trust-worthy social entrepreneurs on the ground who:
  -  Are experts in their respective fields and can generate financially-viable, innovative program ideas
  -  Take responsibility for their implementation
 2.  Build on the work of existing organizations and / or individuals through strategic partnerships.

As an example, all educational programs of MOVE are implemented under the leadership of Ms Shamim Bilgrami, a highly-respected educationalist and social worker in Pakistan. Ms Bilgrami has worked in the Mangophir and Nusrat Bhutto Communities for over 30 years. She is generally known as “Maan Jee” (meaning Mother) amongst the residents. Our Maan Jee Schools are named after her to honor her contribution to these communities.

The idea of setting up a MOVE Diabetic and Medical Center (MOVE DMC) was conceived, designed, and implemented by Mr Viqar Siddiqui, a 30-year veteran and leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan. The MOVE DMC was also established in partnership with Anjuman-e-Ahbab Society, another non-profit organization run by retired bankers in Karachi.