Maan Jee Welfare Lower Secondary School

Of the major focus areas of MOVE is to set up high-quality schools in under-privileged communities. MOVE currently runs the Maan Jee Welfare Lower Secondary School in the Nusrat Bhutto Colony community. This leading English-medium school is headed by Ms Shamim Bilgrami, a highly-respected educationalist and social worker. This school pays particular attention to the training of teachers and the teaching tools and techniques used. Our financial resources are primarily deployed in these two areas to ensure that students receive a high quality of education.

The objectives of these schools are:

  •  To provide education that “fosters an open mind, teaches respect and tolerance for diversity and develops a sense of civic responsibility”.
  •  To provide employment opportunities to young girls from the communities, who are educated to the Intermediate or Bachelor level, by training them to become teachers.
  •  To use these schools as “civic centers” by organizing monthly meetings of the mothers of the students to discuss community and personal issues.

Program Highlights

  •  Over 500 students, about 55% female enrollment.
  •  Monthly fee Pak Rs 300 (US 1.65) per student.
  •  The only school in the community with a fully-equipped computer lab and medical clinic.
  •  100% success rate of our students in the Sindh Educational Board Examinations.